Accessibility For Guests With Special Needs

We want everyone to fully enjoy their stay at the Jolie Ville Golf & Resort and that’s why we have provided our guests with special needs with suitable disabled facilities and accessibility throughout the hotel.

Accessible Hotel Room with sufficient Space:

When you choose a room with disabled facilities you will find the things you need to make your stay easy and enjoyable.

The bedroom, as well as the bathroom, provide you with a comfortable stay without the need to climb over steps, navigate curbs or risk slipping on wet floors. The showers provide more space meaning you can fit a wheelchair in there if necessary.

Please make sure to indicate your requirements when booking to ensure your needs are met during your stay.

Navigating a wheelchair around some hotel rooms can be tricky. Our accessible bedrooms are designed with the user in mind so everything can be reached without having to move furniture.

Don’t forget to tell us your special requests whether to have twin beds or 1 kind size bed when you book. Adjoining rooms with a connecting door for carers can also be arranged.

Lifts and stairs offer a challenge to some people with disabilities however at the Jolie Ville Golf & Resort, you wouldn’t face any issues in this regard. The hotel is provided with ramps and lifts and all is designed to match our disabled guests’ needs.

Accessible facilities

We make sure that the available services in the room are at a height and position that offer easy access. That means you can see in the mirror and use the wall plug to charge your phone or grab some soap without difficulties.

  • The hotel has 3 well equipped rooms designed for guests with special needs.
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